How can AI transform your business?

An AI-driven enterprise can employ automated machine learning across the business, from the back office to the factory floor. Find out more about what AI can do.

The AI revolution

Machines are getting better and better at tasks that until recently required highly-skilled humans. In a growing number of cases, machines are able to spot patterns that even the most talented humans can’t. And with machine-learning, the computers are able to teach themselves, driving constant continuous improvement.

This is the AI revolution. AI is transforming the way businesses operate and bringing about a new era of efficiency and productivity. By leveraging the power of AI, businesses can streamline their operations, automate processes, reduce costs and improve customer service. AI can also help businesses make better decisions and identify opportunities for growth and innovation. As the technology continues to develop, AI will become an even more integral part of how businesses operate – and the competitive advantages it offers will become increasingly difficult to ignore. We believe that to stay ahead smart businesses will deploy AI not to replace their human talent, but to give them the skills they need to unleash their productivity.

Four areas where AI can be transformative:

Natural language processing

Advanced AI-tools built on Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities can help companies augment their business operations.


Automate customer services

NLP-driven AI can automate customer service operations, allowing businesses to quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries and requests.


Data sourcing

Automate data entry and data extraction, accurately capturing data from a variety of unusual and previously inaccessible sources by eliminating the need for manual data entry.


Customer Intelligence

Process customer feedback and sentiment analysis, bringing new understanding of customer base. Direct personalized marketing or communications.


Market Insights

Unlock powerful new market insights through the ability to process salient data from novel sources, spotting patterns that allow you to plan production, execute trades, build hedging strategies, schedule sales, set prices and make better capex decisions.

Computer Vision

Machines are now able to detect any patterns in image data that are visible to humans, and many that are not. New use-cases for this cutting-edge technology are being found every day.​


Remote sensing

Analysis of satellite imagery can help gain intelligence on a huge number of factors, from crop growth to emissions data, logistics management to site searches. Drones can also be used to gain visual data, replacing humans for a variety of monitoring tasks including inspections, safety checks.



AI-driven intelligent visual analytics can help companies further improve their site-monitoring capabilities by detecting and monitoring changes in the environment, alerting businesses to potential safety issues, threats, and changes in customer behaviour.


Quality Control

Machine learning can help automate crucial parts of the production process, including quality control.


Business Insights

Computers can be trained to look for patterns in visual sources such as CCTV footage, providing businesses with insight into customer behaviour and identifying potential areas of improvement.

Process optimization

AI can help companies optimise their processes and drive cost savings by leveraging advanced analytics and automation. 


Liberate value

AI can quickly identify areas of improvement in existing processes, eliminating inefficiencies and improving the bottom line.


Smart scheduling

Optimise scheduling decisions to unlock hidden value across the supply chain. Gain insights from your un- or underexploited data resources.



Automate key tasks, reducing effort and compensation costs and boosting productivity. Streamline processes, identifying and reducing fraud and waste across the business.


Customer insights

Revolutionary insight into customer behaviour, enabling data-driven decisions that will help them better meet customers' needs

Asset Monitoring

AI can help companies monitor critical assets, allowing them to proactively detect problems and take steps to prevent downtime, delays, and other costly issues.


Optimize performance

Detect trends and patterns in asset performance, providing insights to maintain optimal performance.


Predictive maintenance

Enable predictive maintenance of assets, reducing costly downtime and allowing businesses to plan for preventive maintenance. AI can help predict and identify safety issues to keep your teams safe.


Digital Twin

Using IoT and visual analytics, AI can help create a ‘digital twin’ of your assets, opening a new universe of remote monitoring possibilities and an unparalleled understanding of your assets and new ways to ensure peak performance.


Environmental Monitoring

AI remote sensing can help ensure your business detects and rapidly intervenes on any potentially damaging waste or leaks. By using AI to tackle these issues rapidly and effectively, industries can demonstrate to regulators that they are innovating to tackle environmental concerns, outstripping the pace of any cumbersome government regulation.

Tailor-made AI.

Your business is unique. Talk to us about integrating bespoke AI-driven solutions across your enterprise. 

These are just some of the things AI can do. But it’s crucial to understand that with such a young and rapidly-developing technology, powerful new use-cases are being found all the time. We believe that in such a rapidly-iterating space choosing off-the-shelf solutions is selling your business short. There are almost certainly areas of your business where AI could help with novel and unique problems, liberating value and helping you and your team stay ahead of the competition.

Our experts can help you find them.